katie (oxshadowsxo) wrote in oh_vanity,

Im new!

Name: Katie
Age: 16
Location: Georgia
How you found our Vain world: searching under camera whores
A brief introduction: Im katie, i like movies, music, pictures, making movies, and softball. SOme of my favorite bands are, something corporate, dashboard confessional, matchbook romance, yellowcard, switchfoot, kutless, skillet, and others. I'm vain, I can't help it, love taking pictures of myself, I'm a big fan of taking pictures all around. I AM A CAMERA WHORE! And I'm proud!

A Picture:

Oh and to the MOD, I was wondeirng if you want to be, sister communities. I can put your link in the user info of my camera whore community, and you can but my link in yours. Our community is o0camera_whores. It would be great! Can you get back to me asap? It will bring in a few members. And I need them too! Thanks!

</3 Katie

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